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codeSpark Academy: Kids Coding


Use coding to play games with the Foos!




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Ages: 6-10 Years

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The Foos are funny, happy creatures that inspire kids to create and collaborate through programming. Children need to use their coding skills to guide the Foos through various games – from platform style games to bursting the correct balloons. There are lots of levels to work through that get progressively harder – are you up to the challenge?
Coding with The Foos requires visual, intuitive and imaginative input that builds critical computational thinking skills for future success.

What our experts think

The Foos Coding app was very popular with our testers, who were really engaged in playing the games (and loved collecting the stars!). The animations added humour to the game which children enjoyed and the levels become more difficult as children advance, keeping the game a challenge and helping progress their skills.

While playing we could see children thinking strategically – for example in the first game, children had to guide their characters using directional coding blocks (e.g. move right, jump) by stacking these in the correct order. This required children to plan their route before setting instructions – sometimes with funny results when they missed a step or sent their character in the wrong direction!

Coding is part of the National Curriculum so it’s great to see a fun app that can introduce children to the basics of how coding works and get them enthusiastic about it too!


It would be even better if…

There is no text in the app so it can be confusing when starting a new game to know what to do. Keep an eye out for the on-screen tutorial (a moving hand) which shows you how to play.

What our testers said

“Oh I know where I went wrong.” – Boy aged 8

“(Giggled) Oh no!” (when she failed) – Girl aged 6

Skills developed

  • Fun games for children to practise coding skills to achieve a goal
  • Multi-level games help children progress their skills
  • Rewards encourage children to keep playing