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Magformers WOW Plus Set is a 2D and 3D building set that includes different shaped tiles and wheels that connect magnetically to build a variety of 2D designs that transforms to 3D structures and vehicle builds.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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Build and create with the reimagined Magformers WOW plus Set. Build over 30 different magnetic vehicles with magnetic shapes, wheels and a racing driver character! Follow along with the idea cards to create, or build your own vision! Lots of fun for kids ages 3+ This set includes x8 triangles, x5 squares. , x1 chair square, x2 wheel, x1 Figure, x1 helmet

What our testers said

“Wow, I can change the helmets!”  – Girl aged 4

“Ok! Now this car finally works! Check it out, I pushed it across the room and it did not come apart”. – Boy aged 8

What our experts think

It was fantastic to witness our testers enjoy the open-ended play possibilities with the vibrant graphic cards and construction of vehicles with magnetic parts. This set includes 2D template cards for the younger children and visual instructions for various 3D vehicles. The beginner starting options and fun magnetic connections
encouraged curiosity and innovation with repeat play. Children were eager to build recognizable objects and experiment with how to best connect the pieces. The ease of making the magnetic connections supported confidence to start building. Our testers particularly enjoyed creating their own structures and did also enjoy the template cards and using the diagram instructions. Older children enjoyed helping their younger siblings. Witnessing their creativity and logical thinking skills grow was fantastic. Magformers WOW Plus Set sparks creativity, builds logical thinking, promotes language, and supports fine motor/perceptual development. While this STEAM toy is fun and beneficial for pre-K aged children, it is also attractive and pertinent to elementary school aged children.

Skills developed

– Helps fine motor and visual perceptual skills

– Develops logical thinking

– Promotes creativity

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