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Christmas Festive Faves

Updated for 2023 By Emilia Orviss


Ho Ho Ho!

The nights are drawing in and the Christmas decorations are popping up in the shops. It can only mean one thing… Christmas is on the way!

Summer may only just be over, but Christmas is fast approaching, and it is never too early to start thinking about getting the perfect gift.

Whether you are looking for something for the younger child or something for the pre-teens, we have something for everybody.

Filled with fun, great quality and made with positive developmental benefits at the heart of every product, the following items will be the perfect gift for any child.

Yoto Player and cards
(3 – 8 Years)


A screen free speaker that allows children to independently listen to stories, music and other educational and fun content. The speaker is easy for children to use – they just pop a card into the player and the audio starts, take the card out and the audio stops.

The buttons on the side allow the listener to adjust the volume and skip chapters forward and back, and a long battery life and robust casing that can withstand knocks and tumbles make it great for family life.

Yoto Player is great for using as part of a relaxing bedtime routine, and there’s a host of free content including the ad-free kids’ radio and Sleep Radio and free Yoto Daily podcast for 24-hour fun.

The day and night settings also mean it can be used as a clock to wake up to in the morning and there’s an in-built room thermometer to check your little one is sleeping comfortably too.

HUE Animation Studio
(6+ Years)


If your child likes the idea of creating their own stop motion movies, the HUE Animation Studio could be the ideal gift for them. The kit includes everything they will need – a HUE HD camera, (that comes in a range of colours), a 64-page book of instructions and video ideas and stop motion software.

You can bring anything to life using stop motion techniques – drawings, photos, toys, modelling clay – the possibilities are endless!

This kit delivers a fun educational activity that encourages creativity and imagination and is great for getting the whole family involved.with this wonderfully interactive, and developmentally challenging toy!

Quickbuild F-35B Lightning II Fighter Jet
(6+ Years)



With the Quickbuild F-35B Lightning II fighter jet, aircraft enthusiasts can piece together a mini version of the most advanced aircraft to take to the air.

The Quickbuild modelling sets are a great early introduction to Airfix model making, before moving onto the traditional sets that require glue and paint.

Children will be kept busy as they follow the instructions and piece together the intricate parts, helping to develop their fine motor skills and manual dexterity.

When the models are finished, they are ready to fly off on adventures or can simply be displayed on a stand to admire.

Bedtime Cuddles Night Light
(All Ages)


Big kids, small kids and let’s face it, even adults will have hours of fun with the Crazy Set the scene for a calm and relaxed bedtime. A soft cuddly Peter Rabbit / Paddington toy comes with a portable battery-operated musical nightlight that also projects pretty night sky patterns.

The relaxing lullaby and lighting are great for helping little ones drift off to sleep, and having a familiar friend to cuddle up to is an added bonus. The nightlight is the ideal size for small hands, allowing children to explore and operate the different functions, and the timer option is handy as it allows for the light and music to turn off automatically, meaning little ones aren’t disturbed if they have gone to sleep.


All of the exciting toys listed above have something for everyone and would delight any child waking up on Christmas morning.

From imaginative play to critical thinking, whatever skill you are wanting to help your child to develop, here at the Good Play Guide we have a gift that ticks all the right boxes.