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Christmas Must Haves

By Dr Amanda Gummer and Gemma Ballard

(Updated for 2022)


Christmas is just around the corner and the shops have already started to bring in the Christmas produce and decorations to buy.

With under two months to go until the main event, you may be starting to get yourself geared up to start the purchasing of presents for your loved ones.

Here at the Good Play Guide, we have an array of wonderful gift ideas, perfect for the smaller members of your family.

Offering developmental benefits and endless amounts of fun, our tried and tested toys are sure to be a hit with both children and parents.

So sit back, pour yourself a glass of mulled wine and let us do the hard work for you.

Naylor Activity Tunnels – £33


The Naylor Activity Tunnels offers hours of fun for all! Watch your children wriggle in and out of the tunnel on Christmas morning as they engage in active imaginative play.

Offering a safe enclosed environment, children will also love spending time relaxing in the tunnel, perhaps reading a book or exploring some of the other delights that Santa brought for them on Christmas morning.

The Naylor Activity Tunnel has great year-round benefits. It is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, meaning that the fun can roll into the summer months. The concertina design means that it can easily be folded away and stored in small spaces, making this is the ideal gift for those who have limited space.

Designed for children aged 3 and above, the Naylor Activity Tunnel is great for both children who prefer to play on their own, but also children who like to play together in collaborative play.

Geomag Supercolor Panels – from £22.50


Colourful, imaginative and environmentally friendly the Geomag Supercolor Panels set comes with 35 pieces and offers hours of fun!

Although this is the perfect gift for children that prefer to play on their own, the Geomag Supercolor panels is also an activity that can be done together.

Explore and learn about the concept of polarity as you design and create imaginative and unique shapes and structures. From miniature houses to star shapes, the possibilities are endless!

Why not make a centrepiece for the Christmas table for all the family to enjoy or a colourful coaster for your Christmas cookies!

Once the fun is over, the creative designs can be dismantled ready for imaginative inspiration to strike again.

With the Geomag Supercolor Panels, the fun and learning will continue long after the last mince pie has been eaten.

Hoglets – £36.49


The Hoglets is the worlds first fidget spinner mouse! Coming in a range of five different colours, the unique design combines everyday technology with the widely recognised benefits associated with fidget’s toys.

Although the Hoglet is ideal for children with ASD and ADHD, the benefits extend to all children. Offering a calming and focusing element that will aid in their ability to learn when partaking in computer-based activities.

This is the Christmas gift that both the children and the parents will love and is small enough to pop in the stocking.  With the bright and colourful designs, the Hoglets are visually stimulating and provide tactile, sensory stimulation to all those that use it.

Being made from food-grade silicone, the Hoglets are exceptionally durable and therefore can withstand years of use. This offers peace of mind that your Christmas gift will be something that will be enjoyed for years to come and by all members of the family.

Bedtime JJ Doll – £27.99


Looking to make bedtime easier?

Then look no further than the Bedtime JJ Doll! Inspired by J.J., a popular character from the educational CoComelon YouTube series, the bedtime JJ Doll is the ideal gift for those children who have both watched the series and for those who have not.

With 7 sounds and phrases included, as well as the ‘Yes Yes bedtime song’, bedtime will be a treat as the children snuggle up to their new cuddly toy. Designed for children aged from 18 months and upwards, the Bedtime JJ toy encourages imaginative play in the daytime with the children being able to integrate JJ into their play sessions.

At night, the benefits transform through the soothing lullaby to one that will help to get the little ones off to sleep. Soon enough they will be dreaming about Santa and his elves and the magic of the memories made on Christmas day.

The Adventures of Paddington – Talking Paddington Soft Toy – £19.99


Paddington is iconic not just for children but for adults too! This much-loved bear will be a welcomed addition to any family and the perfect Christmas gift.

Both cuddly and interactive, by pressing Paddington’s tummy you are able to hear him recite five of his favourite phrases such as “Where’s my marmalade sandwich!?”

Standing at 25cm tall, he is the perfect size for cuddles and for taking to bed at night, Designed for children aged from 12 months and above, this is a suitable toy for both boys and girls in a broad age range.

Promoting affection, empathy and bonding, the Paddington Soft toy helps to assist with managing and understanding emotions as well as actively encouraging imaginative play.

Further, it encourages the development of grip strength and fine motor skill when getting Paddington to talk. This beautiful bear will be loved by all and has developmental benefits that will carry on for years to come.

Paddington’s Campervan – £29.99


This adorable play set comes complete with Bessie the campervan, Paddington and all the necessary items for the perfect picnic including hamper, picnic blanket, plate and food.

Of course, when we say food, we mean the iconic marmalade sandwiches! Watch your child’s imagination thrive as they engage in roll play by setting the scene for the perfect picnic with Paddington as well as pushing Bessie along to seek out new adventures and places to visit.

Press Bessie’s grill and hear the ‘broom broom’ of the engine and ‘beep beep’! of the horn as well as the voice of Paddington and music from the TV show.

Designed for children aged from 3 and above, this is the perfect gift for all children and will be loved for years to come.

Xootz Bubble-Go Scooter – £49.99


Scooter? Check. Bubble machine? Check. Hours of fun? Double check!

Combining two of children’s most favourite things, the Xootz bubble-go scooter will have children whizzing around for hours as they create a wave of bubbles behind them!

Lightweight and foldable, the Xootz bubble-go scooter is the perfect gift for even those with the smallest of spaces. Encouraging the development of gross motor skills and active play, this is also a gift that allows for collaborative play.

With the bubbles being produced, even if you are not the one riding on the scooter, you can get involved through the popping of the bubbles!

Great for sharing, the Xootz Bubble-go scooter is the perfect Christmas gift for those children aged 3 and up.

All of the items above will make the perfect gift for the smaller members of the family. With a focus on fun and educational benefits in abundance, we have just what you need to make Christmas 2022, the best one yet.