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CONNETIX 12 Piece Clear Rectangle Pack


The CONNETIX 12 Piece Clear Rectangle Pack is versatile and educational that is designed to foster creativity and learning in children.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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Unleash a world of creativity with the CONNETIX 12 Piece Clear Rectangle Pack — a magnetic wonderland that transforms playtime into a dynamic exploration of design, imagination, and STEAM concepts. Dive into the brilliance of clear rectangles, sparking a journey of open-ended play that fosters both fun and learning.

Featuring a mix of long and short rectangles in various sizes from our brilliant Clear range, this 12-piece pack is a gateway to imaginative landscapes. As children engage in open-ended play, they’ll effortlessly create 2D & 3D designs, from car parks and roads to mazes and board games. The clear brilliance adds an extra layer of excitement to every creation.

At CONNETIX, we believe in learning through play. Watch as young minds are exposed to STEAM concepts seamlessly. Whether designing a bustling cityscape or building a futuristic spaceship, children benefit from educational activities involving mathematics, physics, and literacy in a way that feels like pure fun.

Imagination knows no bounds with the CONNETIX 12 Piece Clear Rectangle Pack. Children explore the realms of architectural creativity, enhancing spatial awareness and problem-solving skills. From building intricate structures to crafting their own magnetic stories, every play session becomes a journey of discovery.

Extend the fun with other packs in the Clear Rectangle range, including the CONNETIX 24 Piece Pastel Rectangle Pack and the CONNETIX 18 Piece Rainbow Rectangle Pack. Mix and match to create a vibrant magnetic palette that keeps the creativity flowing.

Transform playtime into a magnetic masterpiece with the CONNETIX 12 Piece Clear Rectangle Pack — because the best toys don’t just entertain; they inspire, educate, and lay the foundation for a future filled with creativity and curiosity. Let the magnetic adventures begin!


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What our testers said

“I’m building a fence. Be careful, it’s an electric fence to keep the horses in.” – Girl aged 7 commenting on the paddock she was making.

“This is The Cube. Your next challenge is…” – Boy aged 9.

What our experts think

Children who were familiar with Connetix tiles and had previously played with them were surprised to only find rectangular shaped tiles when the box was first opened. This did not put them off, however, and they immediately started to play with them. The children, regardless of age, were able to play with the set and remained engaged, without adult support or encouragement.

The designs that children came up with varied hugely, for example; a cube house, a paddock for animals, a fish tank, and a “Toblerone” (triangular prism). As one child pieced together their ‘paddock’ they commented that the ‘fence’ wasn’t high enough to keep the animals in, and after considering what could be done to improve it, used trial and error to reconfigure the tiles and stand them on their shorter edges to give the ‘fence’ more height. They then extended their play by placing some toy animals within the ‘paddock’. This encouraged other children to join in with the play, and inspired conversations and roleplay among them, helping to develop communication and social skills. The younger children enjoyed playing with the tiles flat on the surface of the table and were delighted they could make squares from the smaller rectangles and could make their rectangles increase in size simply by adding more pieces.

Children used hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they played, particularly when making 3D creations. Some of the children, who had previously played with other Connetix sets commented that the rectangle tiles stayed together well and that the structures they made felt very sturdy. Some of the children towards the end of the session did ask if there were any coloured tiles, as they felt their design would be improved with the addition of coloured tiles.  No gender biases were observed on the packaging.

Skills developed

– Promotes fine motor and hand-eye coordination.

– Supports early Maths skills such as shape recognition.

– Encourages imagination and creativity.

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