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Duomoto is an extraordinary magnetic puzzle featuring 96 rare earth magnets, showcasing its remarkable ability to divide and recombine in surprising ways.


Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 8+ years

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Introducing Duomoto, a captivating addition to the world of magnetic puzzle cubes, delivering a unique twist on cognitive play. Reflecting the design essence of our popular Cubendi and Shashibo cubes, Duomoto elevates the puzzle-solving experience. Its magnetic polarity ensures specific shapes connect in only one way, adding a true puzzling dimension. With shapes crafted in two ways, each twist becomes a delightful brain twister. The segments’ varied shapes and magnet orientations enable the creation of both stable and dynamic combinations. Discover the magic as Duomoto’s double features multiply when paired with other Duomoto cubes. The potential for creativity is boundless, offering not just endless possibilities but boundless fun!

Recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide.



What our testers said

“Oh, it’s like I am folding and unfolding treasures.” – Girl aged 8

“How many shapes can we come up with?” – Boy aged 9



What our expert thinks

The testers were delighted by the Duomoto’s bimodal features. The original cube separates into two (2) halves that can be manipulated individually and then reintegrated into over 100 different forms. The children enjoyed the challenge of creating the various shapes that can be achieved by manipulating and solving these transformational puzzle cubes.

The children shift, twist, hinge, and turn, honing their manipulation and dexterity skills in order to both feel and problem solve how to create the forms highlighted in the insert, video tutorials, and then explore their own ideas. While engaged with the Duomoto children develop and hone visual perceptual skills, mental persistence, and sensory feedback processing.


Skills developed

– Develops visual perceptual skills

– Encourages persistence

– Supports sensory feedback processing

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