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Hairy Letters


A fantastic British app to teach letter names, sounds, and onscreen writing skills.




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:


Ages: 2-5 Years

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This British English app teaches the names and sounds of each letter as well as learning to trace each letter onscreen with your finger. Includes games to teach blending letter sounds into words and both upper and lower case letters. This app won an Education Resources Award in 2011.

What our testers said

“It makes a great noise when I get it wrong” – Girl aged 3

“Ssss Snake – play it again” – Boy aged 3

What our experts think

This is a fantastic app for teaching children letter sounds and shapes, basic writing skills (albeit with a finger rather than a pen) and simple words. The hairies and animations with each letter keep it entertaining and so keep children engaged for longer. Our little testers particularly liked the snake animation for ‘s’ and the noise it makes when they failed to trace the letter correctly with their finger. The word spelling games do not criticise when children try the wrong letter which encourages learning through trial and error. Grouping the letters into 6 colour groups is also a good technique to teach the letters in manageable sets.

Skills developed

– Teaches letter sounds & names in a fun and engaging way

– Helps children learn to write letters (albeit with their finger)

– Learn to build simple words with phonics