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National Geographic Glow-in-the-Dark Frog Dissection Lab


Make biology lessons engaging and memorable with this unique and educational science kit.

Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Age: 6+ years

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Explore the fascinating world of biology with the National Geographic Synthetic Frog Dissection science kit, a safe and humane alternative to traditional methods, highly recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Study: This kit allows kids to delve into the bones, organs, and biology of a synthetic frog, mirroring the experience of a real dissection.
  • All-Inclusive: The kit provides everything needed for the dissection, including safe tools and a gel refill powder for an additional dissection.
  • Safe and Odour-Free: The glow-in-the-dark bones and realistic organs are securely encased in a safe, odour-free gel for a mess-free experience.
  • Educational Components: Using the included safe tools, kids can meticulously remove and study 11 realistic organs, including the brain, eyes, lower organs, stomach, heart, and lungs. The glow-in-the-dark skeletal pieces (skull, spine, front & back legs, pelvis) add a unique and enjoyable aspect to the learning process.
  • Reusable: With the gel refill, kids can reassemble their synthetic frog for repeated dissections, making it ideal for biology classrooms and homeschool lessons.


What our testers said

“The gel is really cool.” – Boy aged 8

“This is really interesting.” – Girl aged 9


What our experts think

Our testers were eager to get started with the Glow-In-The-Dark Dissection Lab kit. The interactive model captures children’s curiosity while enabling them to explore the anatomy of a frog without the need for real specimens. The lab includes dissection tools, gel-skin, the skeleton, and a variety of organs, as well as a learning guide. Children were excited to dissect as a real scientist would, The experiment guide provides guidance and helps the children follow the correct process while they learn about the different parts of the frog’s anatomy, how the different skeletal components and organs work together, and how they relate to the frog’s overall form and function. Playing with this lab kit can teach children about the scientific method and how to conduct a dissection for the purposes of learning anatomy. It helps develop executive functioning and fine motor skills, while encouraging patience and the importance of proceeding carefully.

Skills developed

– Promotes executive functioning skills

– Develops fine motor skills

– Following instructions

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