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Newton for Osmo


Guide falling on‑screen balls into targeted zones with the most creative doodle you can think of!




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Ages: 5-11 Years

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The aim of the game is to guide balls that fall from the top of the screen to target areas on-screen. However, you can do this using lines, scribbles, doodles or by placing physical objects anywhere in the physical play area in front of the iPad. The iPad stands in the Osmo holder and the clever Osmo gizmo can see what’s happening in the play area in front of the stand.
Use a pen and paper in the real-world play area. Any line you draw on the paper will appear on-screen and the balls will bounce of this (obeying the rules of physics in terms of angles etc – as far as we can tell). Physical objects (like the pen itself or even your hand) work in the same way, you will see them on screen and the balls will bounce off them.
As you progress through the levels there are more targets to reach with the balls and you are encourage to think of more and more creative ways to get there.

What our testers said

“So you draw on a piece of paper and that makes lines on the screen” – Girl aged 8

“I am going to make a funnel and they will just go into the target, watch!” – Boy aged 11

What our experts think

This is such a novel, fun game – we absolutely love it and the children who tested it did too! Some of the highlights for us were how it encouraged a range of skills like forward thinking, quick thinking, trial and error, perseverance, problem solving and creativity all in one. We were delighted to see if worked well for both right and left handed people which can often be problem with this sort of game.
The children were so delighted when they discovered that they could use objects to steer the ball as well as lines on paper and really enjoyed experimenting with this feature.
We’ve rarely see such a novel app that we’ve enjoyed so much!
Just one warning – have plenty of scrap paper to hand when you play this game. You’ll need it!

Skills developed

– Encourages problem solving skills

– Develops creative thinking

– Helps children understand concepts of angles of reflection