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Plant in a Pocket


A tactile way to learn different parts of the plant.




Ease of Use:

Age: 7+

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Demonstrates both the internal and external structure of a plant using attractive embroidery and removable parts. Includes fabric background, 8 removable plant parts and a set of labels.

What our testers said

“Ohh the petal and the bud are the same colour, does that mean that the bud turns into a petal” Girl aged 6.

“Shall we go outside and look to see if we can find the Stigma in the flower?” Girl aged 9.

What our experts think

Plant in a Pocket is a great quality, colourful and robust educational kit – perfect for some hands-on learning. Children liked building the plant and were even encouraged to go outside and look at the flowers, and to see if they could see the different parts of a flower. This is ideal for supporting their learning within different contexts.


We love how tactile the pieces are, with a great level of detail. Some parts will be familiar to children in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, but an adult might need to help children label the more complex parts such as the Stigma or Stamen. 


The labels included are an excellent way to build scientific vocabulary. Children who can’t or were perhaps reluctant to write enjoyed being able to label the plant without writing, while other children could copy the labels to practise their handwriting and spelling.

Skills developed

– Provides tactile, sensory stimulation

– Encourages curiosity and learning about nature

– Promotes science and language learning