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Tiny Firefighters – Police and Firefighters Activity Book


Let children explore a world of firefighters and policemen with wonderful app from wonderkind.


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Ages: 18 Months to 5 Years

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Tiny Firefighters – Police and Firefighters Activity Book is an app that lets children explore a world of firefighters and policemen. It is simple to use and well animated. Players just tap and watch the scenes coming to life.
In the fire department there are stories and adventures involving fighting fires; children will be able to save, rescue and help people and animals. They will help firefighters to put out the blaze; get the cow out of the pond using the crane truck; save the cat from a tree and help the firefighters clear up after the storm.

In the police department children need to catch a pickpocket and a burglar; retrieve the stolen jewels from a magpie; escort a superstar in their limousine and fly against the witch and Superman in your Police helicopter!

There are lots of adventures to engage children and, with the level of humour and surprise, make them smile!