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Weplay Construction Tiles

Weplay Construction Tiles is a building set consisting of decorative construction tiles used to create 2D and 3D forms, animals, characters, and objects

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age:3-6 years

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Weplay Construction Tiles is a set of blocks that incorporate Oriental architecture culture. Created with wavy tiles, hollowed-out windows, and carved columns, this set is more than just blocks! The creation of Weplay Construction Tiles could be a delicate decorative object. The large size of the Tiles makes constructive play easy. Children can practice their fine motor and spatial skills through the activities.

Rectangular Tile (L) x 8
Rectangular Tile (S) x 24
Square Tile x 24 (orange x 12, grey x 12)
Triangle Tile x 8

Constructive Play
1. With large-sized Tiles, children can create large-scale structures on the floor. It is suitable for children to challenge themselves. Children can also cooperate with others to build a structure.
2. The small notches designed in suitable tightness can let children practice their strength control and accuracy when they are piecing the Tiles together.
3. Four kinds of basic geometric shapes make it easy for children to construct the Tiles and enhance spatial reasoning.

Elements of Oriental Architecture as Design Inspiration
1. Triangle Tiles with upturned designs at the two ends can be assembled as a roof easily with the other Tiles. With four 45-degree notches, Square Tiles provides more different construction possibilities.
2. Hollowed-out windows allow the lights to pass through. Playing with lights in the darkness highlights the beauty of the Tiles.
3. The wavy tiles are stackable for easy storage.

Connected to Culture and Life
1. The traditional style tiles are connected to children’s experience in the culture and life. The creation theme can be more specific, such as tower, temple and station. It is beneficial to cultivate children’s ability of creativity, execution and problem-solving skills.
2. Brick red, tangerine orange, and stone grey Tiles are similar to realistic architecture colours. Construction Tiles are not only toys but delicate decorative objects.
3. Game cards are available for download. The details of the structures can be observed by zooming in the images. Children can get inspiration and learn by imitation with the examples on the cards.

What our testers said

“This is my fort!”- Boy aged 5

“We have an animal house now!” – Girl aged 4 playing with her mum 

What our experts think

It was a pleasure watching the children learn to manipulate the construction tiles to create 2D and 3D structures to display. They enjoyed imitating the creative inspirations in the user guide and their own self-inspired designs while playing with their parents and older siblings. The ability to build a structure and illuminate it from inside with an electric tea light was a big hit and delight for the entire family to enjoy. Building with this set, as a family project with young pre-k children and more independently for elementary aged children, promotes fine motor skill development, creativity, and logical thinking.

Skills developed

– Develops fine motor/visual perceptual skills

– Encourages imagination and creativity

– Helps with trial and error learning & problem solving

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