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Weplay Crystal Spectrum Blocks

Weplay Crystal Spectrum Blocks is a building set consisting of transparent spectrum blocks used to create 3D forms, animals, characters, and objects.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3-6 years

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Weplay Crystal Spectrum Blocks is a creative open-ended block set. The Spectrum Blocks can fit together from different angles or even with two connection points. Children learn to connect and balance the Spectrum Blocks while creating their artistic works. The three transparent primary color blocks enable children to understand the initial dynamic concepts of colour mixing. Six double-sided game cards provide inspirational ideas.

Spectrum Blocks x 32 (red x 8, yellow x 8, blue x 8, clear x 8)
Double-sided Game Card x 6

Challenge Children’s Problem-Solving Skills and Spatial Concepts
1. The creative snowflake-shaped blocks with multiple surfaces and notches in different angles require the concepts of horizontal and vertical to build the structures. It enhances 3D spatial recognition.
2. There are four connection ways of Weplay Crystal Spectrum Blocks, that enable children to use their creativity to make their own works. It cultivates children’s artistic senses and also practices their problem-solving skills.
3. Weplay Crystal Spectrum Blocks with stable fitting structures allow children to try different construction techniques such as twisting or hanging the blocks. The adults are welcomed to challenge more possibilities together.

The Science of Light and Colour
1. Weplay Crystal Spectrum Blocks are in transparent and three vibrant primary colours. The transparent Spectrum Blocks add more colour variance to the creative constructions.
2. The Spectrum Blocks are perfect for playing with light. The contrast of lights and shades brings out the colour changes on blocks, as well as the sense of architectural structure and lines.

Double-Sided Game Cards
1. The 6 double-sided game cards introduce four connection ways and examples to help children understand different combinations.
2. The game cards provide different ideas such as buildings, transportation, animals, or different images to inspire more creative works.

What our testers said

“Pow! Look at what it does when I shine the light through it this way!” – Boy aged 6

This reminds me of tangrams I am building in school.” – Girl aged 6

What our experts think

It was fun watching the children learn to manipulate the crystal spectrum blocks to create 3D structures to play with and/or display. They enjoyed imitating the creative inspirations in the “game cards” and their own self-inspired designs while playing with their parents and older siblings. The ability to build a structure and reflect light through it was a big hit and a delight for the entire family to enjoy. Building with this set, as a family project with young pre-k children and more independently for elementary aged children, promotes fine motor skill development, creativity, and logical thinking. This set is best suited for children 4+.

Skills developed

– Supports the development of fine motor/visual perceptual skills

– Encourages imagination and creativity

– Promotes trial and error learning & Problem solving

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