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Weplay Jumbo Circus


The Weplay Jumbo Circus includes 3 sizes of colourful, interlocking, elephant blocks as well as planks, which can be stacked, balanced, or sorted using the various activities.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:

Age: 18months – 6 years

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Welcome to the circus! These cute and colourful elephant blocks come in three sizes and weights. The blocks are in 4:2:1 weight ratio for various learning and creative opportunities. Two blocks can be combined into a circle for a rolling game. Stackable blocks bring different levels of stacking games. Planks come with notches and can be used as seesaws for balancing concepts.

Elephant Block x 28
Plank x 4

Open-Ended Construction
1. Playing with adorable Elephant Blocks strengthens children’s wrist muscles, concentration, and problem-solving skills.
2. Children can learn classification and sequencing by playing with three sizes and four colours of Elephant Blocks.
3. Two blocks of the same size can be combined into a circle. Children can practice hand-eye coordination and fine movement skills by rolling the circular blocks.

The Multi-Functional Plank
1. Planks come with three notches can be fitted on Elephant Block’s back. Children can create multiple fun ways to play by alternating the position of the Plank.
2. Children need to take order and possibility into account when they use the Plank as a narrow bridge and stack the different sizes of Elephant Blocks on the Plank.
3. Children can learn the principle of the lever and the balance concept when they use the Plank as a seesaw and play with the three sizes of Elephant Blocks (4:2:1 weight ratio).
4. Children can understand the relation between the slope of the Plank and the speed of rolling Elephant Blocks when they use the Plank as a slide.

User’s Guide
1. The user’s guides not only provide two-dimensional and three-dimensional examples but also introduce sequence and arithmetic activities. The user’s guides encourage children to develop more creative ways to play.
2. Game cards for extensional activities are available to download on the website via this link

What our testers said

“Look! I made it like the picture.” –  Boy aged 5

“I did it! I got it to balance all by myself.” Boy aged 4

What our experts think

Get ready because the Circus is coming to town, and the children are the ring leaders. The Weplay Jumbo Circus was a hit with our testers, and their excitement was palpable as they stacked, rolled, and balanced the colourful elephant blocks. This hands-on toy allows for numerous activities to be completed within each skill level and repeat play is abundant. It was a pleasure watching our toddler, pre-K, and young elementary school aged testers play with this product at their own
pace and level of development. Easy to follow instructions are included in the “user’s guide” to support learning and to spark children’s creativity and curiosity. Through interaction with this toy, fine motor skills are developed, language is expanded, and problem solving skills are sharpened. This toy is ideal for both home and the classroom, and could be completed independently or with a small group/partner.

Skills developed

– Develops fine motor skill development

– Promotes Language skills

– Encourages problem solving

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