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Weplay Apple Links

Apple Links from Weplay is a building block set that provides endless construction possibilities.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:

Age:3-6 years

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Weplay Apple Links is a building block set that provides various levels of stacking activities. The Caterpillars can be used to link the Apples in complex structures, this activity enhances fine movement ability and develops hand-eye-brain integration. Children can thread the Apples and the Leaves by Needle Caterpillar, threading and tying with the Needle provides basic training for daily self-care abilities.

Green Apple x 10
Red Apple x 10
Caterpillar (S) x 20
Caterpillar (L) x 20
Needle Caterpillar x 2
String x 2
Dual-colored Leaf x 20

The Experiences of Building Blocks with Pretend Play
1. With an imagery that the caterpillars are eating the apples, children learn to connect the components into various 3D structures from simple to complex. The building game enhances children’s spatial concept and finger dexterity.
2. Fourteen holes are designed on the surface of the Apples to connect with the Caterpillars into constructions. Furthermore, the eight holes designed on the corners make more building directions possible. The holes also train children’s wrist dexterity when they are building blocks.
3. The Caterpillars are designed into two different lengths. The design makes children understand the concept of length and distance. It also brings more diversity to the creations.
4. The Apples and the Caterpillars can be stacking blocks. The ways to play are limitless.

Create a 3D Threading Space
1. The holes in the Apples are like tunnels which are nibbled by the Caterpillars. In a 3D artwork, children can thread back and forth with the Needle Caterpillar and the String. It challenges children’s observation and hand-eye coordination.
2. The Dual-colored Leaf can be tied at the end of the String. It is easy to knot and to turn into an interesting decoration.

User’s Guide
1. The play guide provides lots of inspiration for construction, such as creative stacks, specific examples of construction, abstract 3D structures and threading. Children can make an imitation of the examples in the play guide or create their own artworks.

What our testers said

“I made a tower. I can lace it now.” Girl aged 3

“I loved that there were enough options and materials to play with as a family and create different structural pieces. We even created a ‘jungle’ gym for her toy cat figures – she took that project over quickly.” – Parent of a Girl aged 4

What our experts think

It was a pleasure watching our testers delight in the concept of building with caterpillars and apples and watching their crafty “sewing” and assembly become creative and functional structures. They stacked, laced, and connected to create structural art pieces, characters, and pretend play structures. They loved displaying their pieces, using them with other small figures to create play scenes, and testing their skills with both small and larger scale designs. The children enjoyed playing with their parents, siblings, and friends – making this a fun family activity. Using the Apple Links set sparked creativity and problem solving, while fostering the development of fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, and language.

Skils developed

– Develops fine motor skills

– Supports visual information processing

– Encourages problem solving