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Cookie Festival


The Weplay Cookie Festival is a set of 16 “cookiemen” and one banana base which can be configured in various fashions to complete numerous challenges

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 18 months+

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Let us get on the Banana Base and rock the party! These cute little Cookiemen enhance children’s fine movement stability through unlimited stacking fun. The unique banana base adds extra challenges when being used as a rocking bar. This can increase children’s symmetry and balance concepts. Insert small objects such as beans into Cookiemen for a sound guessing game.

Cookieman (lid + box) x 16
Banana Base x 1

How Many Ways Can You Discover to Stack The Open-Ended Cookiemen?
1. The smiling Cookiemen with lids in four colors and bottoms in two colors create a joyful and vibrant atmosphere.
2. Unlimited assembling ways for the Cookiemen, from 2D piecing to 3D stacking games, enhance children’s fine movement stability. These games also cultivate children’s spatial concept, concentration and problem solving skills.
3. The ruffled outer perimeter of the Cookiemen is designed to enhance stacking stability. It is helpful to stack Cookiemen from different angles.
4. The lids of the Cookiemen can be opened. Users can insert beans or beads to produce different sounds and change the weight of the Cookiemen.

The Banana Base Brings Advanced Thinking About Balance Concept
1. The Banana Base can be used as a bridge or a rocking bar to provide two kinds of advanced stacking balance challenges.
2. When stacking Cookiemen on the Banana Base, children need to pay more attention to many influential factors such as weight allocation, the angles of the Cookiemen and symmetry.

User’s Guide
1. The play guide not only provides the examples of 2D piecing and 3D stacking but also introduces games such as color matching, play sequence and dominoes. Users are also encouraged to discover other creative playing ways.
2. It is welcome to download more game cards from the official website https://bit.ly/3eTd46r.

What our testers said

“My 2-year-old enjoyed naming the items, labeling colours, and counting.”- Parent of a 2 year old. 

“This tower is crazy! I’m going to see if I can make it.” – Boy aged 5

What our expert thinks

What’s better than cookies? Cookies that facilitate both learning and fun! With the Weplay Cookie Festival our testers were delighted to engage with the adorable “cookiemen” and banana base to replicate various designs, complete challenges and engage in dramatic play. With the easy-to-follow “User’s Guide” consisting of a magnitude of challenges for each skill level, repeat play was abundant. It was a joy to watch toddler and Pre-School age testers interact with this toy independently, and at their own developmental level. The Weplay Cookie Festival encourages problem solving, sharpens fine motor skills, and facilitates language development. This toy is a perfect addition to a daycare, pre-school, or home setting.

Skills developed

– Encourages problem solving

– Develops  fine motor skills

– Facilitates language development

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