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Weplay Fun with Curves

Children can enjoy learning the mathematical concept and creating endless images, from 2D to 3D with Weplays Fun with Curves.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age:3-6 years

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Inspired by sunflowers, the yellow blocks have a solid, hollow quarter or half circle patterns on them. Children develop mathematical concepts by creating different shapes of 2D or 3D constructions.

Block x 16
Double-sided Game Card x 6
Guide Book x 1

Various Circles
1. Circles are the shape most children first recognise. Fun with Curves consists of curved lines and colour blocks, which can be created into various kinds of shapes such as large and small circles, half circles, and quarter circles.
2. Fun with Curves is inspired by the sky, sunshine, and sunflowers. Children can create not only symmetrical, circular, and abstract patterns but also concrete and vivid constructions such as flowers and caterpillars.

Cultivating Observation Skills from 2D to 3D
1. Fun with Curves integrates 2D pattern arrangement and 3D constructions. Children need to consider not only the stability of the stacked blocks but also the visual effect of the pattern arrangement.
2. Children can learn spatial concepts and visual searching skills by playing with cubic blocks with six different patterns for each side.

Double-Sided Game Cards
1. Six double-sided game cards provide age-appropriate inspirations to children such as 1:1 ratio images, reducing scale 2D images, and 3D constructions.
2. Game cards have diverse content, covering sequence, symmetry, fractions, lines and surfaces, and 2D to 3D varied constructions. A set of blocks can be applied to a variety of courses and learning themes.
3. There are a total of five types of blocks in the Art Blocks series. Children can advance their visual perception, mathematical concepts, abstract thinking, and aesthetic perception when building creative constructions.

What our testers said

“Look, I made a fish! This is the tail.” – Boy aged 6

“I want to make the dot-to-dot thing.”- Boy aged 4

What our experts think

It was a pleasure to watch our testers explore the sunny coloured blocks, the pattern cards, and 3D structures they could build with artistic patterns from a variety of perspectives. They enjoyed imitating the cards, drawing inspiration from them, and then creating their own designs. Through repeat play with this art block set, children can increase fine motor skills, visual information processing, executive functioning, and creativity. The Fun with Curves blocks combined with the pattern and structure cards, and the opportunities for open-ended play sustain their interest and promote repeat play. This supports skill development across motor and cognitive skills.

Skills developed

– Supports visual information processing and visual spatial perspective

– Promotes creativity

– Develops fine Motor Skills

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