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Yahtzee is a dice-rolling game where players aim to score high by achieving specific combinations, like straights and full houses.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 8+ years

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Presenting the Yahtzee Classic game, where the timeless dice game takes on a sophisticated, high-roller persona with casino-cool dice and a sleek shaker that doubles as a convenient storage case. Recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide, this game seamlessly combines luck and strategy, providing an exciting challenge for both kids and parents.

Key Features:

  • Risk it all for a Yahtzee: Test your luck and strategy with every roll.
  • Multiple Yahtzee rolls score big bonus points: Aim for seriously high scores and challenge your friends.
  • This is how we roll: Embrace the thrill of the game with a sleek shaker and cool casino dice.
  • Just roll with it: Take your 5 dice, 3 rolls, and fill in your score card strategically for the ultimate win.
  • The dice game for high rollers: Elevate your gaming experience with casino-cool dice and a customised shaker featuring a storage drawer.
  • Keep rolling, keep winning, keep score: Enjoy endless entertainment with 80 score cards included in the set.

With Yahtzee Classic, indulge in the perfect blend of luck and strategy, and become the ultimate Yahtzee champion.

What our testers said

“I need just one more for a Yahtzee” – Girl, aged 8

“Yahtzee is a timeless classic that’s been a favourite in our family for generations. I love how it combines elements of chance and skill, making it enjoyable for both kids and adults” – Parent of an 8 year old

What our experts think

The game serves as a valuable exercise in critical thinking and decision-making. Children must analyse the current state of their scorecard, anticipate potential combinations, and make choices that align with their overall game strategy. Yahtzee enhances spatial awareness as players mentally manipulate the arrangement of dice to achieve specific outcomes, fostering a sense of geometry and pattern recognition.

Socially, Yahtzee encourages friendly competition, cooperation, and sportsmanship. Players interact as they discuss their strategies, celebrate successful rolls, and cheer on their opponents. The game’s accessible rules make it suitable for various age groups, creating an inclusive environment for shared play. In essence, Yahtzee blends entertainment with cognitive and social development, making it a timeless and valuable addition to family game nights and educational settings alike.

Skills developed

– Develops numeracy skills

– Builds critical thinking and problem solving

– Allows for good sportsmanship and healthy competition

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