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What’s National Play Day and how to get involved?

Let’s Celebrate National Play Day!

We’ve got something exciting to share with you today. It’s all about National Play Day and why it matters for you and your little ones. So, buckle up and let’s dive into the world of play!


What is National Play Day?

National Play Day is a special day dedicated to celebrating the power and importance of play. It takes place annually on the first Wednesday of every August (August 2nd this year!), and it’s a chance for families, communities, and organisations across the UK to come together and have some fun.

This fantastic initiative aims to raise awareness about the benefits of play and create opportunities for children and adults alike to unleash their imagination, creativity, and joy.




The Joy of Play for All Ages

Play isn’t just for kids; it’s for the young at heart too! Engaging in play has numerous benefits for both children and adults. It stimulates imagination, boosts cognitive skills, promotes physical activity, and strengthens social connections. Plus, it’s a wonderful stress reliever and can bring a sense of joy and happiness to your day.

For children, play is vital for their overall development. It helps them learn new skills, enhances problem-solving abilities, and encourages healthy social interaction. As parents, we can actively participate in playtime and create meaningful memories with our little ones. So, let’s get ready to play and explore!


How Can You Get Involved?

Now that you know why play matters, let’s explore some exciting ways you can get involved in National Play Day. The best part? These suggestions are free and accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability.

Organise a Playdate: Gather your friends, family, and neighbours for a fun-filled playdate. Set up various play stations, such as a craft corner, a mini sports area, or a storytelling spot. Encourage everyone to bring their favourite games and toys to share the joy.

Create an Obstacle Course: Transform your home, garden or local park into an epic obstacle course. Use hula hoops, cones, and ropes to design a challenging yet thrilling route. Get the whole family involved in navigating through the course and enjoy the laughter and friendly competition. Check out our play idea for inspiration on Home Obstacle Course Ideas

Dance Party: Get your groove on with a Dance Party! Clear some space in the living room, put on your favourite tunes, and let the dancing begin. Not only is this indoor activity a fantastic way to burn off energy, but it also promotes physical activity and boosts mood and happiness.

Hold a Playful Picnic: Pack a scrumptious picnic basket and head to your nearest green space. Bring along a frisbee, a football, or a kite for some outdoor play. Don’t forget to indulge in imaginative play too! Let your little ones become pirates, fairies, or superheroes during this delightful picnic adventure.

Organize a Treasure Hunt: Unleash your inner adventurer by planning a treasure hunt in your home or local area. Create clues, hide treasures, and let the excitement unfold as your children follow the trail. It’s a perfect way to engage their problem-solving skills and keep everyone entertained.

Host a Playful Arts and Crafts Session: Set up an arts and crafts corner at home, filled with colourful papers, paints, glue, and all sorts of craft supplies. Encourage your children to let their imagination run wild and create unique masterpieces. You can join in the fun too and unleash your inner Picasso.

Indoor Fort: Transform your living room into an epic fort! Gather blankets, pillows, and cushions to build a cosy and imaginative hideaway. Let your children’s creativity soar as they design their fort and create secret passages. Use flashlights and glow sticks to add a touch of magic to the experience. This indoor activity is not only fun but also encourages imaginative play and strengthens family bonds.

Visit a Local Playground: Explore the playgrounds near you and discover new ones in your community. Swing, slide, climb, and embrace the pure joy of being outdoors. National Play Day is the perfect occasion to explore different play areas and let your children connect with nature.




Making the Most of National Play Day

To ensure you make the most of this special day, here are a few additional tips:

Check out the official National Play Day website for event listings in your area. They offer a range of activities and resources for families to participate in.
Spread the word about National Play Day on social media using the hashtag #NationalPlayDay. Share your own play experiences, ideas, and photos to inspire others to join the celebration.

We also have 100s of exciting and creative play ideas for you and your family to enjoy indoors

Engage your community by collaborating with local schools, libraries, and community centres. Together, you can organize larger-scale events that bring families and neighbours closer.
Remember, National Play Day is all about celebrating the joy of play and fostering connections with our loved ones. So, let your inner child come out to play and create precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Play on, have fun, and make every day a play day!