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Sustainable living at home with the family

What you will learn:

  • The importance of teaching children about sustainability and being eco-friendly.
  • Products that can help to encourage eco-friendly changes within your household.


It has never been more important to do our bit to combat climate change. With global warming, we are seeing more and more extreme weather conditions from floods in the UK to raging fires in Australia and California. The polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, putting many of Earth’s species at risk of extinction.

On the 5th of June 2022, we will come together for World Environment Day, aimed at combatting single-use plastics and promoting a move towards a more sustainable lifestyle for all. 

There is the thought that for a significant difference to be made in our changing world, it will take the leaders of all nations to come together in a united front to combat climate change. After all, what difference can one person’s efforts make in a world of 7 billion? The truth is, you can make a lot of difference.

 As a role model to your children, the things you do, influence how your children make sense of their world. If they see you demonstrating an awareness of the need to protect our planet, this quickly becomes their normality and leads to long-lasting habits forming. When they grow up, they adopt these same practices and like a ripple effect, their views are then used to influence others. Teaching your children from a young age the importance of sustainability helps to imbed these ideas and forms the basis which they will build upon in later life. 

The steps you take to move to a more sustainable lifestyle, do not have to be drastic. Simple ideas such as ensuring you recycle all plastics and moving away from single-use water bottles to environmentally friendly refillable bottles are a great place to start. For those who are keen to improve fitness and live a more active lifestyle, hopping on your bike instead of jumping in the car where possible, is another area where simple changes can be made that will encourage an eco-friendlier way of living.  


Owl Plate, bowl and cup gift set


For parents wanting to teach their children about the importance of reusable products, then the Owl Plate, bowl and Cup Gift Set is a great place to start. Made from natural bamboo, these strong and sturdy sets are visually pleasing, especially for those aged under 5. Both the bowl and the plate are fitted with a suction mechanism to hold them in place, which is great for reducing the chance of these owls taking an early flight before meal time is over! They are fun and exciting and are an excellent way for introducing the idea of a more sustainable lifestyle to even the youngest of children.


GO Eco Toy

GO Eco product


For those with slightly older children who are looking for a less subtle way to educate their children on the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle, the Go Eco toy is a great way to start. Suitable for children aged 10 and above, this toy delivers the opportunity to learn all about eco-friendly building materials and methods in a fun and interactive way. It’s great for any budding architect, or simply any child that loves to build and explore! Thanks to being packed full of STEAM education benefits, it is a great platform for developing an interest in design, architecture and engineering, as well as encouraging perseverance, logical thinking and improving problem-solving abilities. One of the many benefits of this toy is that it also delivers an opportunity for conversations about living a more sustainable lifestyle. How do wind turbines generate electricity and how do solar panels get energy from the sun?  You have the tools to take the conversation in whatever direction you want.


Geomag SuperColor Panel- 100% recycled plastic

The Geomag collection provides hours of fun and importantly, it is made from 100% recycled plastic. Your child’s imagination only limits the creations that are possible with Geomag Supercolor Panels. In that sense, it encourages the development of creative skills. Further, it introduces the basic principles of polarity and why things attract and repel so it’s a great opportunity for learning some basic physics too. In terms of sustainability, the Geomag Collection delivers the chance to discuss with your child the importance of why we recycle. It helps them to learn that when they put that plastic item in the recycling instead of the bin, it won’t end up in a landfill but instead can be reused as a toy that delivers endless hours of fun. It begins to connect the dots as to the possibilities and purpose of recycling and sustainability. 



Encouraging your child to be more sustainable doesn’t have to be difficult. The smallest steps can make all the difference and simply being a good eco-friendly role model to your children, is a great place to start.