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Best Toys for Family Travel Entertainment

Whether you’re visiting relatives, heading to the beach, going camping, or off on a two week holiday, having the right toys and games for all the family can really enhance these experiences and keep everyone entertained.

When choosing what to take, opt for toys and games that can be used in various settings and situations.

For example, card games can easily be popped into a bag or pocket and used for entertainment during journeys, but are also handy to take to a restaurant for when the younger members of the family get bored. Also, think about the durability and safety of the toy; robust toys made of sturdy materials or toys that come in a carry case or tin will be able to withstand the wear and tear of travel and varied playing conditions.

Consider the age range and interests of your family members when deciding what to take. Also, involve your children in the selection process – this will empower them, and make them feel excited and enthusiastic about the trip ahead. Whatever they choose to take, it needs to be entertaining – if it’s educational too, even better! And while it’s a good idea to have toys and games for individuals to play with, it’s really important to remember to take ones that can be enjoyed as a family, after all, these times are all about bonding and spending quality time together. Limiting screen time while you’re away is also something to consider as it will encourage more face to face interaction and prompt conversations.

So if you want to make family trips more enjoyable, here’s a selection of toys and games that are perfect for taking on your travels.


Card Games


Card Games are perfect for on-the-go entertainment and can cater for different age groups. They’re lightweight and can be played almost anywhere. Peach Snaps is a fun variation of the game snap, while Timeline British History and Dobble are more educational and for slightly older children.


Portable Games and Puzzles

Compact versions of games like chess or Scrabble take up minimal space so are easy to pack and will provide the whole family with hours of entertainment. Look for magnetic sets or travel editions designed with built-in storage to keep pieces secure during transit. Magnetic Faces Activity Box encourages younger children to be creative and comes in a handy case with a handle. The IQ Puzzler Pro is great for developing children’s logical thinking and problem solving skills and also comes in a carry case. For children who enjoy fast paced games and a bit of competition, Puzzle Wars could be just the thing!


Interactive Games

For younger children and those who aren’t so keen on competition Rory’s Story Cubes encourages children to be imaginative, while also developing their vocabulary and verbal language skills. Simple Charades does exactly what it says on its sturdy tin and is ideal for the whole family to play together. While Happy Home Learning’s Activity Tins make a great pocket-sized addition to trips out and about; with dice games, walking activities, and even eating out activities, these sets could come in very handy on your travels.


Outdoor Activities

If your trip will involve spending time outside, take toys that will encourage your children to be active such as frisbees, kites, or blow-up balls. The Zoomerang is a soft and lightweight boomerang that will give the family a workout while young children can also work on their hand-eye coordination. This beautifully made child friendly game of Bocce is a lighter weight version of boules (the whole kit weighs just 1lb). It will challenge children’s throwing accuracy and bring out everyone’s competitive streak. And if you’re going somewhere hot on your travels, these Reusable Water Balloons from EcoSplat will help to keep everyone cool and provide lots of fun too.


Arts and Crafts

Compact craft sets and colouring books are great for fostering creativity and keeping children occupied for long periods of time. The Travel Activity Case contains over 80 pages of activities such as colouring, dot to dot puzzles, and a reusable sticker book. While the Travel Learn To Draw is a handy travel size set that supports and encourages drawing skills while on-the-go.


Educational Toys

If your child is a budding scientist and you can take slightly larger toys on your trip, the Science Mad Digital Metal Detector is a fun roleplay toy that will encourage them to get outside and investigate the world around them, while the Kids First Weather Science Kit will allow them to build a mini weather station and carry out eight fun weather experiments.


When choosing which toys and games to take on your family travels, remember to think carefully about what will keep your family entertained and what is most suitable to take to the particular places you will be visiting. The right toys and games should add fun to your trip and will help to make it a time full of bonding and happy memories for the whole family.