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National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler


This Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit from National Geographic includes all the accessories you’ll need to start polishing dazzling gems.



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 8+

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Kids can use the included jewelry fastenings to create beautiful homemade jewelry!

What our testers said

“Oh look it’s a mix of rocks! I think it is going to be amethyst and agate!” – Boy aged 9.

“This one is ready for my keychain, but I have no clue how to use this ‘cage’ for the size of gemstone I want to use.” – Boy aged 9.

What our experts think

The children had so much fun playing with this STEAM Hobby Rock Tumbler. They were excited to start the polishing process immediately and to discover what gemstones were included in the kit. They were motivated by the process and they really embraced each stage of the process, diving into the science and
engineering aspects further and planning for the gemstones as they progressed. Many of the children experimented with how many phases they really needed for their rocks to achieve the look they wanted before using them to make jewelry and/or decorations. The set was pretty easy to use for the children, they picked up how to assemble, clean the rocks, and change the grit quite quickly after some demonstration by the adults.

This STEAM product is great for fostering creativity, and it also helps with thinking, as well as problem-solving.

Skills developed

– Fosters curiosity

– Helps with thinking and logic development

– Supports problem-solving skills development

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