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National Geographic Power Rocket


The National Geographic Power Rocket is a motored rocket that can be launched up to 200 ft in the air

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 8+ years

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Our rechargeable, motorized, patent-pending rocket toy soars up to 200 ft. with up to 20 flights on a single charge. Features 3 launch modes and helicopter-like rotor blades that extend and safely return your motorized rocket to the ground. Take outdoor fun to heights up to 200 feet with the motorized Power Rocket, an exciting and innovative new way for kids to experience the wonder of flight! The Power Rocket is no ordinary model rocket–with its powerful electric motor, it can launch up to 200 feet in the air! Unlike a traditional stomp rocket, the Power Rocket’s electric motor is self-powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing up to 20 launches on a single charge.
The Power Rocket science kit from National Geographic includes everything you need, including: Power Rocket with rechargeable battery, rocket launch pad, charging cable, 3 decals to customize your rocket, and detailed instructions & Learning Guide.
Launching the Power Rocket couldn’t be easier. Once fully charged, simply place the rocket on the included launcher, then press the launch button one, two, or three times to set your flight time. Then, step back and prepare for launch! Once the Power Rocket reaches its apex, its rotor blades release, bringing it back to the ground safely and gently. And with up to 20 launches per charge, kids will enjoy sending the Power Rocket up again and again.

What our testers said

“My 3 kids played with this toy until it got dark outside. They all had a
great time.”Parent comment.

“I could not believe it, but was thrilled, when my son chose extra time with the rocket over his time on his phone after school” – Parent comment.


What our experts think

Watch as learning “takes flight” with the National Geographic Power Rocket. Our testers were excited to get started and watch their rockets launch high in the sky. With easy to follow pictured instructions, and a little help from an adult initially, children 8+ were able to build their independence and success with their launches. The children loved playing in pairs and teams. The level of repeat engagement and fun, socialization, and teamwork observed was fantastic. Further, playing with this powered rocket gets children and families outdoors with ample opportunities for physical activity when retrieving their rockets for the next launch. Children, and adults alike, did not tire of this activity. The National Geographic Power Rocket was a “blast” for the whole family. It fosters scientific curiosity and exploration of scientific principles that are applied in the real world. This power rocket is excellent for an outdoor school lesson or family project

Skills developed

– Exploration of scientific principles (specifically physics)

– Encourages socialization and team work

– Promotes problem solving skills

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