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We-Blocks Gears


The WePlay We-Blocks Gears is a set of 6 large interlocking blocks, large and small gears, and handles that are utilised to assemble various structures.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 2+ years

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Gears cultivate little engineers’ great capabilities for learning science through creative play, from 2D to 3D construction. Enhancing gross motor skills and sensory stimulation when moving, assembling, and dismantling. This set is filled with innovative design features; both small and large gears fit into holes on the panels, handles fit into both sizes of flowers, and while turning there are no pinch points. We-Block Series grows with the child, this series includes Tactile Cube, Reflector Cube, Construction Tower and Gears, all the sets in the series can connect to make all levels of creativity.

Panel x 6 pcs
Large Gear x 2 pcs
Small Gear x 4 pcs
Handle x 2 pcs

Learn The Concept of Transmission from Gear Arrangement
1. Arranging the flower-shaped gears on the green panels to make a scene of a garden leads children to learn the basic theory of mechanism.
2. From the two sizes of gears and the number of teeth, children can observe how many times the small gear would rotate when the large gear rotates once. Doing so will help children to learn the relationship of gear ratios when rotating the gears.
3. The Handle can be fitted into any of the Gears which helps rotate the gears easily. It also improves the coordination and flexibility from the wrists, arms to shoulders.

Large 3D Block Construction Experience
1. Large piece block of Gears is suitable for the movement of the whole body. It suits team building as well.
2. The panels can be fitted with each other perfectly, this helps children to build 2D or 3D constructions easily.
3. Anti-slip design on the panel, rounded corners, and risk-free finger entrapment design are all for safety.
4. The blocks are stackable for easy and stable storage. The smart design saves storage space.

User’s Guide
1. The user’s guide offers multiple inspirations for various 2D and 3D constructions. Children are able to build the constructions from the manual or create their own versions.
2. The Gears is one of the items from the We-Blocks. There are the other three items, the Tactile Cube, the Reflector Cube, and the Construction Tower. Each set is compatible with the others to make more creative works.

What our testers said

“Wow! Look how cool this is.” – Boy aged 4

“Watch me turn this big purple handle! It makes the yellow pieces
move.” – Girl aged 4 

What our experts think

As indicated in the User Guide, adult supervision is required while the children build and play with this toy – always use the safety tips as indicated. Our tester’s eyes lit up when they saw the large blocks and gears, and they were eager to get started assembling their structures and turning the gears. It was a joy to see their teamwork and socialisation skills blossom while working with their parents, siblings, and/or friends to create 2D and/or 3D builds. Toddler aged children did require full assistance from an adult to interlock the blocks, but the assistance decreased with each play session and the Pre-School aged children required less assistance while replicating various designs from the colourful and easy-to-follow user’s guide. Repeat play was frequent, and our testers were able to create novel designs. The children’s imagination soared with builds that depicted their ideas from “tunnels” to “pirate ships” – the range was vast. This We-Blocks (Gears) set supports the development of problem solving skills, gross motor skills, and social skills/teamwork. It would be the perfect addition to a home, classroom, or preschool environment.

Skils developed

– Promotes gross motor skill development

– Encourages problem solving

– Develops visual-spatial skills

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