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Marble Rush™ Sky Elevator Set


Children experience the thrill of sending marbles soaring on the continuous elevator, hurtling down ramps, and navigating three exhilarating builds with the Marble Rush® Sky Elevator Set™.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age:4+ years

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Send marbles sky high on the continuous elevator and see them plummet down ramps with the Marble Rush® Sky Elevator Set™. Create three thrilling builds with 153 pieces including a sky elevator, zig-zag loader, freight railway, super-fast tracks, cityscapes and marbles! Use the easy-to-follow leveled guide or create your own courses to explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) skills. Construct a gravity-fed course, then load the 10 colorful marbles onto the sky elevator. Hear music and sound effects as marbles are transported to the top of the playset, then dropped into the twists and turns of the course. Collect marbles in the cargo car and watch the train make the delivery. Combine with other Marble Rush® sets (each sold separately) to create an extreme playset. Find more build ideas at the VTech Kids website.

Intended for ages 4+years. Requires 6 AAA batteries.

Batteries included for demo purposes only.

New batteries recommended for regular use.

What our testers said

“Let’s see if the train can go the other way…Cool it does!” – Boy aged 6

“I think it will work when we put the elevator on a diagonal like this?” – Boy aged 8

What our experts think

Our testers were delighted with the motorised train and elevator included in this marble run set. The Marble Rush Sky Elevator Set by V-Tech is a building set where marbles traverse a course of drops, shutes, slopes, and spiral, as well as a motorised conveyor-elevator and working train that help deliver the marbles to their intended destination. It includes various shaped tracks, connectors, and marbles, enabling kids to create intricate pathways for marbles to travel through. The addition of motorised parts with sound effects was a huge hit and a facilitator of pretend play and storytelling while using the set. 

The children use the motorised train to collect marbles in the cargo car and transfer the marbles to the designed drop-off location. The ability to use the motorised conveyor to lift or transfer marbles across the set motivated the children to try repeated experiments with its capabilities. The product aims to combine fun and learning, fostering fine motor and visual perceptual skills, creativity, and problem-solving skills in young minds.

Skills. developed

– Encourages visual information processing and fine motor skills

– Supports executive functioning skills

– Develops  language and creativity


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